to touch serenity with a finger wet with tears

to touch serenity with a finger wet with tears

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is alleged to have bedded researcher Danielle Fleet, 30 years his junior, and then forced her to sign a non-disclosure agreement...and Theresa May protects him
Charlotte Zetinski 3 Nov 2017   
Guilty as charged umpteen times, but still in office. Why? Because if he falls, the prime minister who appointed him falls too.

The Tory MPs listed in the recent dossier included a quarter of the members of the cabinet, one of whom - former Defence Secretary Michael Fallon - has already been sacked. But the biggest name on the list is Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who remains in office. In his case the allegation is that he bedded a young Tory researcher barely out of university, Danielle Fleet, and then he got her to sign a "non-disclosure agreement", forcing her to keep quiet about their relationship.

The charge has been widely published online. But while some of the other named Tories - albeit only a few - have denied what was written about them, Johnson has said nothing whatsoever in public. And as we shall see, the allegation is very much in keeping with his previous record.

First of all we have to ask how such a man with zero experience in foreign affairs, and no experience in central government or even the shadow cabinet, came to be chosen by Theresa May after David Cameron left office. He literally had no qualifications whatsoever for the job: he was the first foreign secretary to be appointed with such a CV since 1852. And yet he was awarded the role of managing Brexit, the hardest foreign policy task for generations.

‘‘He has admitted taking cocaine. Watch how manic he often acts now. We don't think he's on tranquillisers.Then we have to ask - and the answer may well be the same - why is he being protected now.

Let's look at his record.

He has admitted using COCAINE, which may well explain his frequently "wired" persona. Just look at him. His eyes flash, he fills with manic energy when most politicians would answer a question calmly, and he frequently butts in speaking ten to the dozen when others would wait their turn. We don't think he's taking tranquillisers.

He is on record as a MAN OF VIOLENCE: he was caught on tape conspiring with his convicted fraudster friend Darius Guppy to have the journalist Stuart Collier badly beaten up.

He is known to be DISHONEST: he LIED ABOUT HIS EXTRAMARITAL SEXUAL RELATIONS, falsely claiming to Michael Howard, then the Tory leader, that an affair he was having was not taking place.

When he was working at the Times newspaper, he dishonestly FABRICATED a quote, was caught, and was fired for it.

Even Conrad Black, another convicted criminal friend of Johnson's, says he doesn't trust him. Well who would, apart perhaps from the property oligarchs in London who are known to be keen on Johnson? This is a man with drug abuse, multiple acts of dishonesty, conspiracy to commit violence, and serial cases of extramarital sexual activity, including some he has lied about, on his record. He has practically no reputation of any worth to defend.

‘‘Cocaine use, extramarital affairs, conspiracy to commit violence, and multiple acts of dishonesty in several arenas - and he's made no public denial of the Danielle Fleet gagging document allegation. Because it's true?Let us also recall that when married to his wife he not only had an affair with Helen Macintyre, but he fathered a child with her, a girl called Stephanie. And here's the key fact: he welcomed from the shadows Ms Macintyre's (ultimately unsuccessful) legal effort to keep the paternity of the child a secret from the public.

Could it be true that he used his aura of power to get into bed with young Danielle Fleet and then afterwards - whether it was offering the carrot of money or brandishing the stick of a threat of violence we would not like to speculate - he prevailed upon her to sign a legal non-disclosure agreement?

It's hardly as if the media wouldn't report a denial if he came out and issued one publicly. But he hasn't.

Johnson is about as fit to remain in office as the prime minister is - a woman who was so spectacularly incompetent in picking him in the first place and is now too gutless to sack him.