to touch serenity with a finger wet with tears

to touch serenity with a finger wet with tears

The BBC reports on "health news" by promoting a depraved US TV show
Natalia Pao 3 Jan 2018   
Always notice the frame: the British state broadcasting organisation today framed its entire presentation of health service news with reference to a widely shown US TV series that encourages ever more depraved violence

Today I listened to the news on BBC Radio 4. As is normal at this time of year, a main item was the winter "crisis" in the National Health Service. The NHS is the universal and free-at-the-point-of-use state health system that the British authorities introduced in the 1940s, and which many right-wing bourgeois have never stopped resenting the existence of. In the opinion of many sussed critics, the line that there is a "winter health crisis" helps soften the audience up for an eventual cull of the lower orders.

The newsreader's opening words were "Winter has come". Now there are several ways that the intonation and stress can vary when a person says that sentence. For example, a common and usually unremarkable way would be to stress the first word (as the comment or rheme, the new information) while giving considerably less stress to the next two (as the topic or theme - what is being talked about). That way of saying it would communicate that there has just been a change of season as everyone knows, and that the season we are now in is winter.

‘‘An eventual cull of the lower ordersBut that's not how the BBC's employee said it. He gave sufficient stress to the words in the predicate, "has" and "come", and especially to the word "has", to make clear that his phrasing was meant to hook those who are familiar with the depraved US TV show - which has been shamelessly promoted by among others the British "monarch" - called "Game of Thrones".

This is the notorious filth which, lauded by fawning critics across the western media, has played a major role in desensitising people to increasingly sick acts of violence - a role that in its magnitude is comparable to the one played by western-spread Daesh videos. One of the themes of that show, as it maintains its influence over its moronic punters by stepping up the sicko abuse and torture that all or almost all of its characters engage in, has long been that "winter is coming". More recently, the statement has changed to the declaration that "winter has come".

The BBC's script deliberately echoed this. It confirmed the show's message. That is the purpose of the employee's intonation of those opening three words.

Right. Now what proportion even of those who think they are more aware than most people of what is going on in the media spectacle do you think will realise the accuracy of what I just wrote once it has been brought to their attention? Try and find out, maybe? Many will probably say I am hearing voices. They will say "conspiracy theory" as they get their pitchforks out. They fear the pitchforks being got out for them if they start noticing stuff, if they start considering things from unfashionable angles. So they are very well defended against the idea of trying to unpack news bulletins in this way. They are extremely passive. Cattle-truck passive.