to touch serenity with a finger wet with tears

to touch serenity with a finger wet with tears

Comment, analysis, revelations

We appreciate and recommend the following active sites:


Joseph Cannon writes on United States politics and other topics, always getting his teeth stuck in and very often finding places to ram a wedge that other independently‑minded left‑wing bloggers hadn't thought of.

Craig Murray's blog

A former ambassador who stood up for himself when the British Foreign Office dragged him through the muck, Craig often has an astute and informative take on the corrupt nature of the state that he used to work for. More recently he fought back in a libel case in which he faced the prospect of possible ruin, when many less courageous targets would have caved in. But we do not agree with him about Scottish nationalism or the topics he relates to it, such as the Catalan conflict.


John Young makes available a lot of information that governments and vested interests would rather keep hidden.

Dialectical Delinquents

Sam Fanto Samotnaf publishes analytical and informative articles on practical autonomous struggles by the exploited, aspects of capitalist domination, and their relations and contradictions.

Ian Bone's blog

In 2013 Ian organised a party in London's Trafalgar Square upon the demise of hated former British Conservative prime minister Margaret Thatcher, attended by 3000 people. On his blog he lambasts political celebrities and publicises autonomous working class struggles.

Lobster Magazine

Robin Ramsay publishes on the covert influence exerted by the intelligence and security services and by other interests including in Britain the City of London. He runs pieces on a wide range of ruling class dirty doings, and lots of book reviews.

Revolt Against Plenty

David Wise and Stuart Wise write on oppositional movements in many countries, butterflies, English romanticism, capitalism's use of art, and matters ecological, always with intense sensitivity to the contradictions of capitalist social conditions that are becoming ever more insane.

Practical information

CEO Email

Marcus Williamson publishes the personal email addresses, and in some cases the phone and fax numbers, of the chief executives of a large number of companies and organisations around the world, including utility companies, telecoms firms, banks, and many public sector departments. They don't like it up 'em!

What Do They Know?

If you want to send a Freedom of Information request to a British institution you ought to be able to do it under your own steam, so we don't recommend that you use this site as an agent. But some of the requests and responses they publish are instructive, including on the methods that officials can use to try to deny you the information you want. Be ahead of the opponents' game.

Want to recommend somewhere?

If you run a site not listed above and you would like to agree a reciprocal arrangement where we mention you and you mention us, please get in touch. The same applies if you want to draw our attention to any site you think may deserve our interest or support.